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Understanding Root Canal Therapy

Young woman in pain holding cheek in need of a root canal

The thought of undergoing root canal therapy can evoke strong feelings of displeasure and anxiety from many patients. However, understanding this important procedure and its benefits helps people to realize a root canal is not that scary. They realize the procedure does not causes pain; it actually eliminates it.

Dr. Joyce’s Root Canal Therapy Expertise

Dr. Joyce has performed thousands of root canal therapy procedures over the course of his many years as a practicing dentist. He saves his patients unnecessary expenses by performing root canals without referring them to outside specialists. He is one of the few general dentists in the Salinas and Monterey Peninsula area who does this. Patients who must see a specialist often pay 30-35% more for out-patient root canal procedures.  Dr. Joyce’s team uses the latest technology and techniques to help maximize procedure results. His team is also well-versed on how to minimize patient recovery time after root canal therapy.

General Procedure

Ever wonder what a root canal is and why is it necessary?  Simply put, root canal therapy is a procedure to repair or save a tooth that has either badly decayed or has become infected.  During the procedure a doctor will access the pulp chamber located in the center of the tooth and remove the nerve. The doctor will also remove the tissue pulp from each of the canals in the tooth before cleaning and sealing it. Damaged nerves and pulp tissue must be removed in order to prevent bacteria from causing an abscess in the tooth.  An abscessed tooth can lead to extreme pain, swelling, bone loss around the tooth and further infection from bacteria.

After the tooth’s pulp chamber and the canals are cleaned, the doctor will either seal the tooth that same day or put in a temporary filling while the patient takes medication to clear up any infection in the tooth cavity.  Usually around a week later, at the patient’s next appointment, a special material called gutta percha is used to replace the infected nerve and  fill it.






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