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Young woman in pain holding cheek in need of a root canalIf you’re a resident of Salinas CA, you seek for the best in everything, including your appearance and your health. But if you’re like a lot of  people, the idea of undergoing root canal therapy, or endodontic surgery may give you pause. You’ve probably heard that it’s terribly painful and messy. The fact is that with modern pain relieving techniques the surgery is not that painful nor does it have to be messy. If you’re having a dental implant you might need to have some patience and take special care of your dental hygiene, but that’s not a bad thing either.

Why Endodontic Surgery?

You may need root canal therapy when the decay in your tooth has infected the roots. It is this that can cause the extreme pain that endodontic surgery corrects.

Before the operation, you’ll have a consultation with Dr. Frank C. Joyce of the Frank C. Joyce Dental Center in Salinas CA. He’ll X-ray the tooth that’s bothering you and take your medical history. On the day of the operation, you’ll be given anesthesia to numb the tooth. This is usually given via needle, and you may be given laughing gas. But if you’re nervous about needles or just really anxious about the procedure, Dr. Joyce can give you something called sedation dentistry. He may prescribe a sedative that you take the night before the operation. This helps you be relaxed when you come into the dentist’s office in the morning. Then, you’ll be given anesthesia though you’ll be awake enough to be able to follow Dr. Joyce’s instructions.

When you’re comfortable, the dentist removes the infected material from the pulp chamber and root canals in your tooth. To make sure he gets rid of all of the infection, he’ll use tiny, specialized brushes, then fills the chamber and canals with gutta percha. The doctor then secures the gutta percha with dental cement and puts a temporary filling on the tooth.

What If the Tooth Can’t Be Saved?

Sometimes the tooth can’t be saved, so you might opt for a dental implant. In this treatment, the tooth is removed and Dr. Joyce implants a titanium post into your jaw and tops it with a temporary crown. This is the part where your patience comes in because it will take about three months for the bone of your jaw to fuse into the post. The implant is then ready for the permanent crown which is made of ceramic or metal and ceramic. Modern dentistry is so advanced that the crown matches the size, shape and color of your real teeth. Only you and Dr. Joyce know that it’s not real.


Inevitably, the surgical site is going to be tender after the operation but it should not be excruciatingly so. Dr Joyce will prescribe both pain killers and antibiotics to guard against infection.

Do You Need Root Canal Therapy?

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If you’re a candidate for root canal therapy, don’t hesitate to call the offices of Dr. Frank C. Joyce. Dr. Joyce and his staff in Salinas CA makes sure your oral surgery is as safe and comfortable as possible. Call (831) 422-5942.



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