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Dental Implants / Crowns / Bridges

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Dental Implants in Salinas

Dr. Frank C. Joyce is certified by the California Board of Certifications as a skilled, professional implantologist, and his specialty is providing cost-effective Dental Implants in Salinas, CA, Crown or Bridge options are available for people who need replacements for lost or badly damaged teeth.

After an examination, he will be able to explain the options available to you and recommend the easiest way to return your smile to its original appearance.

Implants And Crowns

Cosmetically, dental implants with a crown will look and act just like the natural tooth that it is replacing. Implants are permanent, and can replace a single tooth or anchor a bridge permanently in your mouth.

They consist of a titanium post placed surgically into your jaw where the tooth’s roots used to be. As this heals, the bone grows to surround the post, holding it permanently in place. A temporary crown is placed on the post until it’s healed and the permanent crown is ready. Then the temporary crown is removed, the permanent crown is installed, and it will look to all the world like your natural tooth.

A crown will help support the adjoining teeth and the opposing tooth, helping them to remain healthy and in place. If the lost tooth is not replaced, the adjoining teeth can shift, and bone loss may happen in the jaw. If bone loss happens, other nearby teeth are in danger of becoming loose and falling out.

Bridges And Partial Dentures

Implants can also be used when more than one tooth needs to be replaced. In most cases, this is done with a bridge, and bridges may be anchored by one or more implanted posts.

Unlike the older style of bridge, a bridge anchored with implanted posts do not need to be supported by the adjoining teeth.

In cases with more teeth being replaced, more implanted posts may be necessary. Dr. Joyce can explain what your options are, and what each one will entail.

Partial or full dentures can also be permanently replaced with implants. Unlike removable dentures, bridges are installed for the rest of your life, and won’t shift around in your mouth as you eat or talk.

Dental Implants Are Not For Everyone

Not all patients are candidates for implants. For implants to be used, the patient has to be in good general health, and there must be enough healthy jawbone to install the post. If the tooth has been absent for a while, bone loss may have happened. Everyone contemplating implant surgery should consult with their family physician to ensure that they are healthy enough to have the surgery.

Our Guarantee

Dr. Joyce retains the services of the best dental laboratories for the creation of crowns and bridges, and guarantees satisfaction with the crowns that he installs. If you’re in need of dental implants in Salinas you can get full information on the guarantee from our office’s professional staff. Request your appointment today!


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